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"Precision on time since 1987"

Nick Rickman established Wallop Woodcrafts, Master Patternmakers, on 1st January 1988.    Wallop Woodcrafts specialises in Patterns, Moulds, Models and Tooling in Timber and Fibreglass for the GRP, GRG, RTM, Vacuum Forming, Cast Resin and Concrete Industries and is based in Wiltshire, UK.

Over the past 32 years,  Wallop Woodcrafts has gained itself a wealth of experience and has an unrivalled reputation for technical expertise in all aspects of tooling for the GRP and associated industries.

Wallop Woodcrafts offers its many customers not only this experience and expertise but also reliability, accuracy, consistency and a service which is second to none.

Customers include industry leaders in all fields both nationally and throughout Europe and examples of Wallop Woodcrafts' work can be seen worldwide. Please browse through the portfolio to see examples of the very varied work that has been carried out by Nick and his team of fully skilled Patternmakers.

GRP Patterns and Moulds

We construct patterns and moulds for a wide variety of industries and applications. We pride ourself on our high precision fabrication, attention to detail and quality finish. This is required to produce patterns that meet the exacting tolerances needed for replication of a design in fibreglass. 

Example Projects

Timber Engineering

Wallop Woodcrafts have worked on unique projects that require precision timber engineering.  This has included artistic projects, structural timber and decorative woodwork.

Example Projects

Complex Curves

Wallop Woodcrafts have completed numerous projects involving the replication of complex three dimensional curved surfaces and composite radiuses. We are to able to take challenging designs from the drawing board to fabrication with unsurpassed precision. 

Example Projects


Nick is very happy to look at projects where his advice, and knowledge is shared with the client on a consultancy basis.  His many years of varied experience in this field is of great value to customers.  Have a look through the portfolio to get an idea of the depth of his experience and how this could be of value to your business. 


Our Clients

Wallop Woodcrafts have been involved in many prestigious projects over the last 28 years. Projects, amongst many others, include:

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